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Best beaches in and near Looe

It is no secret that Cornwall is famed for its incredible coastline, where meandering rivers meet the Atlantic Ocean, creating 422 miles of some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the whole of the UK.

For those who are looking to go camping in Looe, Cornwall, you will never be too far away from a hidden cove, white sandy beaches, and quiet bays backed by pretty coastal towns and villages. In this guide, we have looked at the best beaches in and near Looe.

Best beaches in and near Looe

  • East Looe Beach
  • Hannafore Beach
  • Plaidy Beach
  • Millendreath Beach
  • Talland Bay
  • Seaton Beach

East Looe Beach

East Looe Beach.

East Looe Beach symbolises the quintessential Cornish experience with its golden sands, gentle waves, and the protective embrace of its unique Banjo pier, creating a sheltered bay. This idyllic destination has been a cherished haven for families, holidaymakers, swimmers, and paddlers throughout the years.

Enhanced by sea defences, known as ‘the blocks,’ visitors can leisurely sit and watch the world go by. Additionally, the beach offers the opportunity to explore rockpools that emerge on the eastern side as the tide recedes.

Conveniently located just a stroll away from the heart of Looe, the beach becomes a bustling hub during the lively summer months. Meanwhile, the surrounding coastline beckons those seeking a retreat from the crowds, providing a serene way to while away a day. Popular travel blogger Cathy from Mummy Travels shares her thoughts on East Looe Beach:

“This beautiful sandy beach near Looe is perfect for kids, with plenty of space to run around, build sandcastles, and explore rock pools at low tide. The beach gently leads into the calm and shallow water, providing easy access for the little ones to swim and paddle.”

Hannafore Beach

Rock pools at Hannafore Beach in Cornwall.

Hannafore Beach in West Looe offers a serene setting with a mix of shingle and sandy stretches, along with numerous rock pools visible during low tide. Serving as a tranquil alternative to the more bustling East Looe sandy beach, Hannafore is a preferred choice for dog walkers throughout the year.

The beach features an extended sea wall, providing easy access for many visitors, and ample free car parking is available on the road above. If you would like to explore the coast further, from Hannafore, you can embark on a scenic walk along the South West Coast Path to Polperro, which is approximately five miles away.

Hannafore is most renowned for its rock pooling opportunities, with convenient access to large shallow pools teeming with starfish, crabs, and prawns.

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Plaidy Beach

Rock pools at Plaidy Beach in Cornwall.

If you’re in search of a tranquil and secluded haven to unwind, a visit to Plaidy Beach in Looe is highly recommended; this hidden treasure is renowned for its tranquil beauty and untouched surroundings.

During low tide, Plaidy Beach becomes a haven for rock pooling enthusiasts, offering an abundance of captivating marine life to explore.

In contrast to its bustling neighbour, East Looe Beach, Plaidy Beach boasts a much more serene and less crowded ambience. It’s an ideal destination for those who prefer a quieter atmosphere.

Millendreath Beach

Golden sands of Millendreath Beach in Cornwall.

Nestled at the end of a wooded valley, Millendreath Beach exudes charm. Situated just beyond Looe, it attracts both locals seeking a quiet retreat and tourists who have discovered its allure over the years, and despite occasional bustling crowds, the beach maintains a sense of seclusion, a credit to the sheltered wooded valley.

During high tide, Millendreath nearly vanishes, but at other times, it unveils its delightful soft sands and tranquil waters, creating an ideal setting for swimming. The low tide reveals rockpools, adding to the beach’s appeal for children eager to explore the shoreline and discover small sea creatures.

Merely a few miles from Looe along the South West Coast Path, Millendreath is a favoured endpoint for coastal walkers. It offers a refreshing alternative to East Looe Beach, and the journey is rewarded with the convenience of excellent amenities nearby. In an area with limited hotspots adjacent to such facilities, relish the experience of this sandy haven.

Talland Bay

The secluded Talland Bay on a sunny day in Cornwall.

Situated midway between Looe and Polperro, Talland Bay charms its visitors with its idyllic setting; the two picturesque coves, separated by a rocky outcrop during high tide, are embraced by coastal hills.

Talland Bay remains unspoiled and tranquil and nestled within an Outstanding Beauty area. Talland Sands, the larger of the two coves, boasts sandy expanses both at high and low tides and on the eastern side, Rotterdam Beach is smaller and less sandy.

Both coves feature pristine, crystal-clear waters suitable for swimming. During low tide, the uncovered areas reveal rock pools, creating ideal spots for exploration and fishing. For the adventurous, the remnants of the French trawler ‘Marguerite,’ which ran aground in 1922, lie among the rocks, adding a historical touch to this coastal haven.

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Seaton Beach

Seaton Beach in Cornwall.

Seaton Beach, located in the southeast of Cornwall, boasts an expansive stretch of sandy shoreline interspersed with small pebbles carved by the Seaton River. A beloved destination for families, the beach is perfect for paddling and recreational activities, offering convenient accessibility and ample parking.

This coastal gem is a popular spot for dog walkers and shore fishermen, standing out as one of the best beaches in Cornwall. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of cafes and a pub for refreshments.

Nestled behind the beach is the Seaton Valley Country Park, a haven for diverse wildlife, including dragonflies, butterflies, ducks, kingfishers, dormice, and otters. The park features a flat main path that extends deep into the valley, providing a serene exploration experience.

As you can see, you will always be close to a spectacular coastal setting when in Cornwall. For more guides like this, make sure you take a look at the rest of our blog.

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