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A quick guide to camping in Cornwall

With a wealth of fun things to do throughout the year, Cornwall poses as the perfect place to visit from January to December. While there are a host of beautiful holiday cottages and pristine coastal hotels you can base your holidays in, choosing to go camping is the perfect way to experience a Duchy getaway at its finest. Here are ten tips you should consider to make sure your Cornwall holiday is simply unforgettable.

The most important aspect to consider about camping in the UK is choosing the right tent; it could mean the difference between an enjoyable holiday in the great outdoors and a complete washout. In terms of the right tent to buy, it’s always better to spend a little more and get one featuring a double skin and waterproof covers on the doors, significantly reducing the risk of getting wet while you sleep. Another thing to consider is the height; after all, you don’t want to have to crouch in your tent to keep away from the rain.

With tents featuring many different set up systems and numbers of poles, it is good practice to get trained in setting up and putting away your tent. This is a simple way of avoiding an argument at your campsite when trying to pitch your new tent for the first time in the dark when reaching your Cornwall caravan park.

Your sleeping bag and camp bed are among the most important items not to forget on your Cornwall camping holidays, with a restless night’s sleep in store for those who manage to leave them at home. While making your list of items to pack, a cool box is always a winner, particularly if the site you are staying at lacks an electricity supply.

As already mentioned, there are so many fun things to see and do throughout the Duchy, with the host of Cornwall attractions and beautiful natural landscapes just some aspects of an endless source of fun. With this in mind, why not make an itinerary of where to go and what to see? This allows you to make the most of your holiday and make as many great memories as possible.

Finally, with the famously unpredictable weather in Cornwall – an issue which also affects those camping in the UK in general – it is important to ensure you are covered for every scenario. If you’re visiting during October and an impromptu spell of sunshine sets in, make sure you have some nice shorts to slip into. Alternatively, packing a coat during the summer means that it won’t dampen your spirits if a sudden downpour does appear.

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