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What’s new in touring caravans and accessories in 2017?

 In early autumn, many of the leading manufacturers of touring caravans begin to unveil their 2017 models for the next season. Caravans in Britain are popular all year round, but if you are thinking of upgrading your current model or getting your first, now is a great time to buy.

At Tencreek, we make a trip with your caravan fun. No matter what time of the year, a caravan holiday to Cornwall is well worth the trip and we know you will make memories that will last a lifetime. With plenty of room for the newest and shiniest caravans and all their accessories, all you need to do is book your spot.

Here are some of the new models of caravans and some exciting accessories to look out for in 2017:

Explorer Group

This UK-based company overlooks some of the best brands available in caravans. Using what they call SoLiD Construction, they build fully-bonded touring caravans and motorhomes. Based in County Durham, they produce the Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer models. In addition to the Compass nameplate being brand new, they have several exciting models in each range coming out this autumn.

One major highlight in new touring caravans is the introduction of new 8-feet wide models. There are two new 2.45m-wide touring caravans in the Elddis Avanté range, and two models in the Compass range. They have launched their new family-layout in the Buccaneer range as well. There are also new metallic models, and four new Compass Camino models.

In total, 21 new models have been announced by the Explorer Group for 2017. With the new models, the group now offers 43 different caravans. For details on some of their best new models, as well as vehicle specifications, check out the online caravan magazine Out & About Live highlights the best of the new year from Explorer.

The Lunar and Venus ranges of caravans are popular in the UK, and the company with more than 40 years of touring history continues to make great caravans for 2017. They have added a new model called the Clubman SR, which features a spacious island bed, separate shower and washroom, and sliding door partitions.

They have also released new Quasar models within their Lunar range. The newest model is the Quasar 674 – a twin-axle transverse bed model with a tall fridge-freezer. Also new from the Lunar is a six-berth in their popular range of lightweight models called Venus. The company has 21 different models across its Venus and Lunar brand names.

The emergence of micro caravans

Based in Northamptonshire, Venture Caravans has announced for 2017 that they will begin importing new models of “micro caravans” from a Turkish company called Basoglu Caravans.

Ranging from £5k-£10k in price, the Caretta line of smaller caravans are made from fibreglass and aluminium. Depending on the model, they range from 460-750kg. All of the models come equipped with radios and mosquito nets. There is also a wide range of optional accessories. They include water systems – both fresh and waste water – as well as televisions, a single-burner hob, sunroofs, solar panels and more.

The Caretta Caravans are a popular weekend escape vehicle and provide a great bridge between traditional camping equipment and larger, touring caravans.

Must-have accessories for your caravan

A new caravan is nice, but there are plenty of new accessories that can make your holiday even better. From better water, food, entertainment and even some shade from the summer sun, any of these will immediately upgrade your caravan.


With a nice retractable caravan awning, you can extend the space available to you whilst on holiday. An awning is the perfect way to stay out of the sun or rain, but also allows for safe storage outside your caravan. Have you been hiking or exploring the various tidal pools around Looe? You can hang your wet clothes or store your muddy boots outside. Awnings Direct has a number of products available and a handy sizing guide to match the right awning with your caravan.

Water carriers

The Aquaroll is a great device to help transport fresh water to and from your caravan. This portable water carrier was originally devised in the 1950s, but has been modernised to the point it is now a must-have accessory. Its unique rolling design makes it perfect for holidays. There are also a number of added accessories to enhance the effectiveness of the Aquaroll.


Barbecuing on holiday in Cornwall is a must. Caravan cooking has come a long way, and there are plenty of options for great outdoor cooking. To cook up local seafood, steaks, burgers and sausages, you can’t miss the choice of many seasoned holidaymakers: the Cadac Grillogas Barbecue. With multiple cooking surfaces and easy-to-change parts, it is the perfect caravan cooking partner.

Televisions and Entertainment

When it is finally time to retire, enjoying a bit of TV is a great option. WiFi, internet streaming services and DVDs have all revolutionised the marketplace so there are plenty of ways to get some in-caravan entertainment. Today, it is possible to integrate entertainment systems that include your iPod, satellite signals and cutting-edge flat screen displays. Visit Towsure’s Satellite, TV and Audio range for more details and products.

Outdoor furniture

To properly get stuck into a touring caravan holiday you need comfortable furniture. A key to outdoor furniture is that it must be transportable. There are a number of nice recliners, chairs, kids’ chairs, tables and accessories available. To get some ideas for what’s popular on the market now, the Caravan Accessory Shop is a great resource.


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