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Cornball 24

10 - 11 May

Welcome to the Ultimate Cornwall Banger Rally Adventure!

Get ready for an unforgettable banger rally experience in the heart of Cornwall. Buckle up and join us on a journey that combines breathtaking landscapes, quirky challenges, and the camaraderie of fellow adventurers! Rally ran and hosted by

What is the Cornwall Banger Rally?

Picture this: a convoy of uniquely decorated, budget-friendly bangers cruising through Cornwall’s scenic roads, with participants from all walks of life coming together for a common cause – the love of adventure and a good time! This isn’t just a rally; it’s a celebration of the extraordinary, the unusual, and the downright hilarious.


Caravan Holiday Homes
Friday 10th May for 2 nightsFrom £215
Friday 10th May for 1 nightFrom £129
Touring & Camping
Friday 10th May for 2 nightsFrom £47.98
Friday 10th May for 1 nightFrom £23.99

Route Highlights

Explore Cornwall like never before as we guide you through a carefully curated route that showcases the best of the county’s natural beauty and cultural gems. From the rugged coastline to charming villages, each stop promises a new adventure and a chance to soak in the local charm.

Fun-Filled Challenges

Get ready for our series of entertaining challenges along the way. Whether it’s a wacky costume contest, a mini scavenger hunt, or a daring off-road detour, these challenges will test your skills, creativity, and sense of humor. Prizes await the most spirited participants!




Ralliers will gather at Tencreek on the Friday evening. Registration is open 7-9pm, in Castaways.


Saturday, teams get on the road when they’re ready. There is no ‘start’ as such.

Teams arriving on Saturday can register 8-10am in Castaways.

Please ensure you return to Tencreek by 6-7pm

Prize giving will commence around 7.30pm ish

The band will kick off at 9.30pm


Don’t miss out – join us on the road to Cornwall’s banger rally glory!

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