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Cornwall’s Ultimate fishing destinations

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Cornwall offers a wide variety of species to fish for throughout the year in a wonderful environment with outstanding scenery – Robert Bunn (Cornish Shore and Kayak Fisherman).

Integral to development of its many coastal towns, Cornwall would not be the same without its fishing. From the rocks, to beaches, fresh water and out on the sea itself, there is an abundance of avenues to pursue when looking to cast your line across this truly splendid county. Knowing exactly where the hot spots are however, will save you time and energy, allowing you to get down to what really matters – the fishing itself. There are indeed many options from north to south, east and west, but here are Cornwall’s ultimate fishing destinations.


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Fishing from the pier at Mevagissey – this attractive old town that was once the fishing centre of the south Cornwall coast – you can hope to catch many different species of fish including bream, mackerel, pollack and wrasse. The town is a lovely little fishing port that contains both an inner and outer harbour. This is a very popular destination so you won’t be wanting for company.

Mevagissey really is an idyllic place to fish from, whether from the outer harbour or hiring one of the town’s self-hire boats — giving you the option to either take the family out for the day or just soaking in the sun from the harbour as a holiday activity.


cornwall seascape

Offering mackerel, garfish, pollack, mullet, bass, wrasse, and ray among others, Porthcurno beach is known for its white sea shells and for forming a stunning back drop from which to fish. Located in the west of Cornwall, paradise is often a word that gets thrown around regarding this beach, and once you are there, with rod in hand, you will see why.

 A truly great spot for beach and rock fishing, this area sheltered by the Logan Rock headland is a lovely little enclave to head to for some good fishing-fun in a seriously beautiful setting.


sea fishing

Formed during the ice age, Falmouth’s large natural harbour is a very popular boating area among tourists. There is great rock fishing for wrasse and pollack, and also top spots for beach fishing such as the Prince of Wales pier. The pier fishes – along with the rest of Falmouth – incredibly well at night, just in case the midnight hours are the only time you can sneak away from the family after a long day exploring Cornwall’s other delights.

The team at, an online tourist board for the area, have an incredible knowledge of their town and know what makes Falmouth a key place to visit.

“Hidden creeks and coves, a myriad of waterways plus of course a magnificent harbour and bay framed by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs). Such a setting in turn attracts a wonderful variety of wildlife, making it the ideal choice for a fishing break or holiday. There are numerous specialist operators who take pride in working in this special place and look forward to welcoming new visitors in 2017”.

Fishing from Falmouth’s beaches can be particularly fruitful, producing cod, conga, bream, coal fish, and rays, to name a few. Falmouth also has a whole host of tackle shops to refill your supplies with and most harbours have boats that you can sail from. Falmouth is truly one of the UK’s top fishing destinations so if you find yourself in a Cornish holiday park make sure to head on down.

“Falmouth has an enviable marine and coastal environment” –


Towan Beach

There are many specific locations to indulge your fishing urges within Newquay, all with their particular strengths. No matter if you are in Porthcothan’s sheltered cove, on the sandy beach of Watergate Bay, or even at Newquay harbour, you are going to be good to go here in Cornwall’s north coast.

Like many of the neighbouring costal areas, chartering a boat from Newquay is easily done, there are plenty of friendly faces that are happy to take you out, and you can even look to catch shark on a specialist outing. Coarse fishing is also very popular in the area, with an abundance of freshwater locations available such as Penvose Farm and Gwinear Pool.

No matter if you are fishing from beach, rock, or headland, Newquay is definitely the place to be, and you can’t beat the ultimate experience of taking to the sea itself, joining the many boats and fisherman of Newquay’s harbour.

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