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The best street food to try in Cornwall

Cornwall is the ultimate destination for foodies, not only are you spoilt for choice between the countless restaurants and cafes, but there are also plenty of street food vans and pop-ups that each serve up something delicious. Whether you’re attending a Cornish festival, strolling along the beachside or wandering through a farmer’s market, keep an eye out for the best street food vans in Cornwall during your stay at a holiday park in Looe. We reveal the ones to look out for in this guide.



If you’re a pizza fan then you’ll be in for a treat if you spot the Kernowforno pop-up during your visit to Cornwall, as their woodfired creations will suit whichever toppings you love, whether you enjoy a meaty feast or a pizza coated in veggies.

We spoke to the owner, Simon, to learn more about what Kernowforno has on their menu: “We offer thin and crispy Italian style pizza cooked in our woodfired oven which is housed in a trailer – we bring the pizza to the customer! We make all our own dough and sauce and cook most of the toppings, so we know exactly what is in our food.”

Simon reveals their most popular pizza: “The classic Margherita is always popular, especially when we are cooking for kids. Other favourites are Cornish Salami from our friends at Deli Farm Charcuterie, home-cooked ham with either mushroom or pineapple, butternut squash roasted in olive oil and cayenne pepper and then served with rosemary or goats cheese and pine nuts. We can also cater for gluten-free diets and vegans.

“A lot of what we do is sporting events, small festivals and weddings but during the summer, we can be found on a Monday night outside Lostwithiel Community Centre from 5pm – 7.30pm. Make sure to check our Facebook page for updates.”

El Huichol

El Huichol Mexican food

Image credit: Beth Druce

You can find a little bit of Mexico driving around Cornwall and popping-up at events, as El Huichol serves up some tasty cultural cuisine. We spoke to the owners, John and Carla, to find out more: “The street food El Huichol offers is something uniquely authentic in Mexican food. We try to stay as close to Mexican traditions as possible while still allowing ourselves room enough for experimentation and adventure.

“This is exactly what makes street food so great; the basis for each menu option is usually traditional, though it is the execution or interpretation of the dish that creates the experience. The same dish from ten different vans can taste 10 different ways.”

We asked John and Carla to reveal their most popular dishes: “Pibil Pork (a well-seasoned pork taco) seasoned with the South American equivalent of saffron, we also offer Charred Corn and Bean Tacos and of course the mighty Tequila and Chipotle Tempura Fish taco – it’s hard to not go for the fish taco being by the sea. We also have other great options like our smoked beef and peanut, squid, prawn, tempura cauliflower, sweet potato tacos – the list goes on to include barbecue options etc.

“We cater for all tastes and types. We are allergy sensitive, most of our menu options are gluten-free, and will generally make any change to make you happy.”

El Huichol can be hired for weddings and functions across Cornwall and parts of Devon and Somerset. If you want to try their unique Mexican food, make sure to follow El Huichol on Facebook or Instagram.

Bite Me Catering

If you’re ever torn between enjoying a pizza or fries, then Bite Me Catering has the answer – pizza topped fries!

We spoke to the owner, Lindsey, to learn more: “We offer pizza topped fries: a bed of fries, rich Italian style tomato sauce, grated mozzarella and cheddar melted with a blow torch, then the choice of spicy beef, pepperoni, Hawaiian, garlic mushroom or left plain as a Margarita, all topped off with optional sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, rocket, jalapeno, firecracker sauce or garlic mayo, served in a pizza box. We also offer gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. Plus, we use environmentally friendly packaging where possible and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint on the planet!”

“We attend lots of different events around Devon and Cornwall from county shows, festivals, events, markets, private functions, weddings and lots of other great places. We try and post on our Facebook and Instagram accounts our upcoming events to help people find us. Interestingly, all events seem to have different favourite dishes, it’s hard to judge which will be the most popular on the day, although garlic mushrooms and pepperoni are generally the best sellers!”

Linsey adds why she thinks street food is so fantastic: “What we love about street food is there are so many tasty options for people to choose from. All the vendors we know bend over backwards to accommodate someone’s needs as well as have a good chat with you explaining their food. What beats eating outside in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, tucking into great food and catching up with friends?”

Fal Falafel

Fal Falafel wrap

Image credit: Fal Falafel

Street food you can eat with a clear conscious, Fal Falafel serves up deliciously fresh vegan food. Whether you decide to enjoy your falafel, and all the trimmings, in a pitta or a tray, you’ll surely be wanting more, especially as its made with Fal Falafel’s secret spice mix.

We spoke to Louise from the team to find out more: “We offer authentic, award-winning, Middle Eastern street food – Fresh falafels and hummus served with salads, pickles, chillies and herbs. All homemade – all vegan!”

You can find them at their permanent pitch on the Moor in Falmouth or at a festival near you in their 2nd travelling wagon! Established in 2007, Fal Falafel is a true local’s favourite and winner of Best Street Food in Cornwall at the most recent What’s on Cornwall Awards. So, if you’re after something tasty to tuck into on your holiday to Cornwall, but want to still enjoy something fresh and healthy, Fal Falafel is the perfect street food for you! Keep an eye out on their Facebook for location updates.

Katie’s Cornish Hot Pots

You’ll be sure to find something delicious and warming to fill you up from Katie’s Cornish Hot Pots. Serving up a variety of dishes, each made in the ginormous pots, fresh on the day. From Caribbean goat curry to Thai monkfish curry and cream of leek with wild mushrooms to chicken stew with rosemary dumplings, you’ll definitely find a dish full of flavour from this street food stand. You can find Katie’s Cornish Hot Pots in festivals, weddings and other events across Cornwall. To track them down to enjoy their tasty concoctions, make sure you contact their team.

When you’re next enjoying a caravan holiday in Cornwall and spot one of the street food pop-ups mentioned in this guide, prepare your taste buds for a treat!

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