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5 Ways to Budget for a Festive Getaway

Christmas is almost here. Right now, your focus will be on buying presents for your family and friends, scouring the supermarkets for the best turkey, and mentally preparing for the in-laws. Due to the stress and pressure of these activities, you’ve likely thought about getting away from it all for a relaxing festive-themed break.

While it might be too late to start planning for a Christmas getaway this year, now’s the time to prepare for the next festivities. Travelling can be expensive after all, so it’s not something that many people can jump into without organising their finances in some way.

That’s where this guide is here to help.

Whether you’re looking for a break in Cornwall or somewhere further afield, here are five ways to budget for a festive getaway.

1. Pick the right destination

Certain destinations, such as New York, are going to be expensive for a festive getaway. However, there are still many places across Europe which will get you into the Christmas spirit without emptying your entire bank balance.

To save even more money, it makes sense to remain within the UK. This way you don’t necessarily have to splash out on costly flights. Savvy travellers also look for currencies which are weaker than their own, meaning their money can stretch further as a result.

2. Travel with a budget in mind

Aside from the destination, there are other points to consider when travelling on a budget. One of the biggest is the accommodation. There’s no need to book expensive hotel rooms. Thanks to platforms like Airbnb, you can stay in private apartments and homes for a reduced fee.

Also, consider the type of money you’ll spend during your getaway. Instead of going to pricey restaurants, you could opt for a self-catering break. Also, see what free activities are on offer.

3. Have a safety cushion in place

Despite all your budgeting efforts, you never know when a financial emergency may strike during your getaway – or even before you set off. Due to this, it’s always wise to have a financial safety cushion that can be deployed if needed.

This can be provided in the form of a quick online loan. To demonstrate how easy it is, you could visit an experienced, reputable outlet like Cash Lady and apply for an online loan, receive approval, and have the money in your bank account within the same day

4. Plan ahead of time

Festive getaways are incredibly popular. This means there’s a high level of demand when it comes to accommodation and travel options. To ensure you’re not left with the most expensive choices, it makes sense to book months in advance.

This isn’t the way to get a bargain, admittedly, but you’re significantly reducing the risk of paying a premium later on. Plus you could always reserve a spot without paying, and cancel this if a more cost-effective option becomes available.

5. Start saving!

Now all you have to do is start saving. Even just putting aside £20-£30 each week can make a massive difference, and it will provide you with a sizeable nest egg by the end of next year. Plus to save that minimal amount, you’d only need to cut out something like a weekly takeaway or trip to the pub.


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