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5 Ways to relax and unwind in Cornwall

Sometimes all you need is to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and for times like this, there’s no better place to head to than Cornwall. With impressive beaches, rolling hills and the fresh sea air, the county is the ultimate destination to relax. Whilst staying at Cornwall caravan parks in Looe, you’ll be spoilt for choice for relaxing activities to enjoy each day, in this guide, we reveal some of the best.

Enjoy yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach

Image Credit: Oceanflow Yoga

Yoga is famous for being an activity to relieve built-up stress and anxiety, as it centres around meditation, controlled breathing and stretching. Whether you’re an expert or a complete beginner, attending a yoga class is a great way to relax whilst on holiday.

We spoke to Oceanflow Yoga, a yoga centre located in Newquay and owned by Jen and Tom Harvey. We spoke to Tom to find out more: “We pride ourselves on being a genuinely warm and friendly studio who welcomes visitors to come and practice here. We often receive emails from people who have stumbled across Oceanflow Yoga and joined us for a class either on the beach or in the studio. They often tell us that it was the highlight of their holiday and that they plan to come back down next year to join in some more classes.

“We have a stunning studio with grandstand views from the yoga studio over Fistral Beach. From here you can practice yoga feeling fully immersed in the elements, whether it is storm watching in winter, admiring the rainbows that regularly present themselves or watching the surfers enjoying the waves. The view is ever-changing and an absolute joy no matter what time of year.

“We also have a second studio with a very different feel (think cosy mood lighting). This is where we practice hot yoga in a studio heated to forty degrees. Not for the faint-hearted, but this practice comes with a whole host of benefits for the body and mind. Between the two studios, we offer something for everyone from meditation and beginners yoga to faster flow yoga. We also offer regular weekend workshops and day retreats. If you are lucky with the timing of your trip, you may coincide with one of our monthly silent disco yoga sessions, and if the weather is good, you can always join us for a class on the cliffs or down on the beach!”

Take a dip in the sea

Cornwall has an array of beautiful beaches, from the harbourside cove in Looe to the long stretch of sand in Newquay. The beaches in Cornwall could easily be mistaken for a tropical destination, as the white sand and clear blue sea are truly breath-taking. When on a holiday in Cornwall, make sure you pack your swimming costume, as a dip in the sea will relax and refresh you. Take a snorkel and spot the little fish, explore the coast on a paddleboard or lay on the sand reading a book as you listen to the waves crashing on the shore.

Tom from Oceanflow Yoga tell us more: “Cornwall is the epitome of relaxation and I often refer to it as the Cornish Caribbean. We are so laid back down here, and tourists can’t help but switch off from their day to day lives when they cross the border. I think the sea plays a huge part in this. With such beautiful beaches and coastlines, we are almost forced to be in the present moment and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

“Often, we can get stuck in our minds and in our thoughts, which can lead to stress, but coming to Cornwall really helps to get people out of their heads and into their bodies. I find every time I jump in the ocean; it is as if any stress I am holding onto just flows away. The sea has the amazing capacity to heal and destress us which is probably why the culture in Cornwall is generally a very chilled one!”

Indulge in fresh delicious food

Mussels and wine

For many people, there’s nothing more relaxing than having a meal with your loved ones, enjoying delicious food, drinks and good conversation. With the sea at their doorstep, many excellent seafood restaurants are serving up some fresh tasty dishes, or you could indulge in a traditional Cornish pasty or clotted cream ice cream.

We spoke to Tracy from the fitness blog Return of the Cornish Bird, for her thoughts: “If like me, you are interested in health and wellbeing, there is no better place than Cornwall to give yourself a boost of the best of what nature has to offer us to soothe our souls. Cornwall is a great place to come for a relaxing holiday. There are amazing bars and some amazing food and often the fish on your plate will have been brought in by a local fishing boat that day. Plus, you’ll often find bars will be on the beach too. One of my favourite things to do in Cornwall is to sit with a cold beer on the decking and watch the surfers.”

Attend art and jewellery workshops

If you want to learn something new in a relaxing environment, then Cornwall has many classes and workshops on offer. Plus, the artwork or jewellery you create will make the perfect souvenir for your time of the coast. One place that offers a choice of workshops is Stable Art, with classes including stained glass, watercolours and even chocolate-making workshops. Alternatively, you could visit the Porthleven Jewellery Workshop and make your own creations from silver.

Immerse yourself in nature

Woodland walk

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to destress, and luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the outdoors whilst in Cornwall. The South West Coast Path follows the coastline around Cornwall and unveils spectacular views of the cliffs, beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. Cornwall is also home to many wonderful gardens, with sub-tropical plants, woodlands and unique flowers.

Tracy from Return of the Cornish Bird adds: “As more and more evidence tells us, being in nature is good for our health and happiness, and whether you love to be walking your dog in the glory of local woodland, or watching the surfers come in on the north coast there are plenty of options for you to rest your soul and relax your mind.

“There are many activities in Cornwall that don’t cost a penny such as mindful walking which can really connect you to the present moment and is a form of meditation without having to learn to sit still. Let your thoughts come and go, and you will notice how calm and relaxed your mind is when your walk is done. Walk along the coastal path and breathe in that salty air, look with wonder at the amazing sea views and craggy cliffs that feature so often in the Poldark series for example.”

If you want to unwind by the coast then stay at a caravan park in Cornwall and make the most of the relaxing activities on offer.

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