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Top tips for autumnal camping in Cornwall

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, so why spend your evenings on the sofa, when you could embrace the start of the cooler months with a camping trip at a holiday park in Cornwall.

There are many advantages to camping holidays in Cornwall in the later seasons to consider; you’ll have the pick of the pitches, traffic isn’t as much of a nightmare and most of the biting bugs aren’t around to nibble you in your sleep or swarm around your lunch.

But it’s too cold for me, I hear you say. Well, with our guide to autumnal camping you can make your tenting experience cosy and warm.


Cold weather sleeping bag

Get yourself a ‘mummy’ bag, kitted out with a hood and with a tighter, closer fit it will cling to your body and keep you warm. The hoods will surround your head, locking in vital heat and saving you from resorting to wearing a hat at night.

DON’T breath into your sleeping bad. Though you may feel a bit warmer, you will just end up creating moisture inside.

Mittens over gloves

Mittens are said to keep your hands warmer than gloves, as they allow your fingers to keep each other warm. Though you can also bring hand warmers if you are particularly affected by the cold, which double up as great foot warmers.


You can’t guarantee sunshine in the summer in England, let alone autumn. Sleeping in wet clothes is not much fun at all, so make sure you pack at least a water proof jacket.

Spare Pairs

Socks, socks, socks, socks. Pack your thickest, warmest socks. The socks everyone has in their draws that we wear in front of the sofa with a big hoodie, get them out. Cold or wet feet will ruin your night’s sleep, so make sure you bring plenty. You’d rather have too many and not need them, than not enough and need them.

Upgrade your cooking stove

Cooking outside is a massive part of camping, but it can also be the most frustrating part. Camping stoves can be an absolute lifesaver in the wind or rain, so it’s worth getting a good one.

A tent

Obviously you’re not just going to plan a camping trip without one, but it needs to be a good one for the autumn months. Everyone has a tent, whether it’s a two man or 16 man, its somewhere collecting dust in the shed or the spare room’s cupboard. But that tent you use for the hot bank holiday weekends in the summer won’t cut the mustard.

Waterproof and spacious for muddy stuff is the perfect autumn tent.

Staying warm

We asked family friendly camping guru Gav from Get Out With Your Kids for his tips on keeping warm.

‘Our top tip for camping when it is cold is to make sure you put extra blankets under your sleeping bag before you put them on top. Believe it or not, blankets under your sleeping bag will keep you warmer than on top!’

Forget the diet

It is winter, you’re not going to be down the beach the next day in your swimsuit catching a tan. Eat plenty of fats and carbs and don’t feel bad about it, you burn more calories when your cold than warm.

But that doesn’t mean using two small pizzas as the buns for your burger, it means good fats that you can get from fish and nuts.


Don’t settle for the 0.3mm thick roll matt that springs back into a coil as soon as you rollover. Get something that is going to keep you off the cold ground.

Warm Up

Wriggle around in your sleeping bag before you try to get up. Just like you would in the morning before work or school, try and elongate the warming embrace that your duvet offers you.

Added extras

  • Thermal leggings, underwear, vests to keep you a bit warmer at night
  • Hand (or feet) warmers
  • Hot water bottles
  • Tent rugs or carpets
  • Extra blankets

If you are struggling and just need a bit of home comfort, try the facilities on offer.

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