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Inspiring Places To Draw And Paint In Looe

Looe is a very special part of Cornwall, and the town attracts over 80,000 visitors every year. It is also an inspiration to artists and craftsmen taking full advantage of the amazing quality of light that Cornwall is famous for. You only have to browse some of the local galleries, such as Whittlefish and the Tiffany Gallery, to see some of the incredible paintings that Looe has inspired. Whilst you are on holiday, make sure that you take your sketchbook and paints, and you too can create something beautiful as a memento of your stay.

East Looe Beach

East Looe Beach is beautifully sheltered – perfect for setting up your easel and canvas. The sands are soft and golden, no wonder it is a favourite place with families. The sea is a rich, azure blue, especially during the summer months. If you’re hoping to create a vibrant painting, position yourself on the promenade, where you can watch the world go by. Next to the beach is the uniquely shaped Banjo pier. From here you can see all of the tiny fishing boats sailing by – these could give a seascape painting movement, and bring some wonderful splashes of colour. It is also worth visiting East Looe Beach at dusk to create a picture. The twinkly lights from the pier and the promenade look magical, reflected on the sea.

Looe Island

If you have an interest in drawing and painting animals and birds, then a visit to Looe island (also known as St George’s Island) is a must. It is a marine nature reserve that has been especially protected to conserve the native Cornwall wildlife. You will have to get a boat out to the island, as it is a mile out from the mainland. If you are learning to draw and paint birds, then you won’t be disappointed. You will find both sea and woodland birds on the island, not just the noisy herring gull. In the summer months, you will find little egrets and grey herons visiting. In spring and autumn, you will get the opportunity to paint grebes, waders and terns.

Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary

Just a few miles out from Looe is the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary. If you want to do some fun painting and drawings of the monkeys, then the sanctuary is perfect. There are more than 40 monkeys here, and they all have their own unique personalities. It’s a good idea to study their facial features before starting your painting, making particular note of the ratios between eyes, nose and mouth. There are so many similarities with the human face. Using the monkeys as your subject will give you the ideal opportunity to bring movement and fun to your pictures. They are certainly only still when they are sleeping!

Looe is a naturally beautiful fishing town with so much visual interest for painting. The sunshine and light in Cornwall will certainly inspire you to create some colourful pictures that you’ll be proud to put on your wall as a reminder of your holiday.

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