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Why Every Family Should Go Camping at Least Once

Looking for a great family holiday? A campsite in Cornwall is the perfect option. Camping is an excellent way to explore nature while spending time with your loved ones. Many families have never gone camping, and those that have do not do it regularly, typically because of the required arrangements and busy life. Going camping has several benefits, though, and this article will explore why every family should go camping regularly.

Reasons to go camping as a family

  • The Family Will Spend Quality Time Together
  • Camping Lets You Explore New Environments
  • Camping Can be a Time of Learning
  • It is an Opportunity to Create New Memories

The Family Will Spend Quality Time Together

Going camping can be the excuse you need to get away from school, work, and technology to enjoy quality time with your family. The nature of a campsite forces campers to focus on their loved ones instead of their phones and other devices. If you take a phone or computer, minimise how much time each family member can spend on it so you can connect without technology being in the way.

Remember that your children will relax if they see you are relaxed. Playing games like frisbee can also help the hours pass faster. You can then sit and watch the stars while sharing stories at night.

Campsite is also a great opportunity to bond with foster children. Spending quality time together like this can be incredibly helpful in helping foster kids feel welcome and a part of the family. However, be aware that you should not take foster children on holiday without permission from your foster care agency. You can talk to the team at so they can explain what you might need to do before booking anything.

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Camping Lets You Explore New Environments

Looe beach in Cornwall

Most people do not explore beyond their offices or school until they have to travel to see relatives who live far away. They make the same trip back and forth for most of the year and do not do much beyond that.

Camping provides the perfect opportunity to break this cycle and explore a new environment. You can observe animals in nature, enjoy the views and sunset, or sit in silence enjoying the peace and quiet.

Camping Can be a Time of Learning

There is so much to learn in nature. Knowledgeable parents can teach their children a lot while in nature. Camping also provides numerous opportunities for parents and grandparents to pass on different skills.

For example, they can teach the children how to make a fire without a matchbox or lighter or to erect a tent without help. You can also teach the children one new thing every time you go camping and make it a tradition that they look forward to whenever you go camping.

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It is an Opportunity to Create New Memories

A camping trip is also the perfect time to create new memories. These could be memories of the road trip to get there or the quality time your loved ones spent together.

Most people do not go camping nearly enough. Camping is a great activity as it brings everyone together, provides numerous learning opportunities, and helps loved ones create new memories. You can make camping a tradition by going every year or once every few months for a change of scenery and environment.

If you like the sound of a camping holiday, book your place at our campsite in Looe, Cornwall. We look forward to making your family holiday one to remember.

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