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Wildlife Attractions in Cornwall

Cornwall is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rich history. However, it is also home to a wide variety of wildlife attractions that are vital for conservation and education. From expansive zoos to specialised wildlife sanctuaries and reserves, Cornwall offers unique opportunities to observe and learn about diverse animal species while supporting essential conservation efforts, these are a great day when looking to stay at campsites in Cornwall This guide explores some of the best wildlife attractions in Cornwall, highlighting their contributions to preserving wildlife and promoting environmental awareness.

Best wildlife attractions in Cornwall:

  • Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary, Looe
  • Newquay Zoo, Newquay
  • The Eden Project, St Austell
  • Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Gweek
  • The Screech Owl Sanctuary, St Columb
  • Paradise Park and JungleBarn, Hayle
  • The Cornish Bird of Prey Centre, St Columb


Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary, Looe

White Ear Marmoset on a branch

Located just a short drive from Looe, Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary is home to a variety of rescued monkeys. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for primates who have been mistreated or displaced from their natural habitats. Visitors can learn about the monkeys’ stories, the sanctuary’s rescue efforts, and the importance of primate conservation. The sanctuary also emphasises education and awareness, offering tours and interactive displays to engage visitors.

Newquay Zoo, Newquay

A red panda in a tree

Located in the heart of Cornwall, Newquay Zoo is a fantastic destination for families and animal lovers. Home to over 1,000 animals across 130 species, this zoo provides an engaging and educational experience. Visitors can see a variety of animals, from red pandas to exotic birds and reptiles.

Newquay Zoo is deeply committed to conservation. It participates in numerous breeding programs for endangered species and supports global conservation projects. Their sustainable practices and educational initiatives make it a shining example of how zoos can contribute positively to wildlife preservation.

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The Eden Project, St Austell

A view of the Eden Project

While primarily known for its impressive biomes, The Eden Project in Bodelva also offers rich opportunities for wildlife observation. The Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes house an array of plant species, creating habitats for birds, insects, and other creatures.

The Eden Project’s commitment to biodiversity and conservation is evident in its educational programs and research initiatives. It serves as a beacon of environmental stewardship, demonstrating the intricate connections between plants and animals and their importance to our planet’s health.

Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Gweek

A seal in Cornwall

Nestled in Gweek, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary is a rescue and rehabilitation centre dedicated to marine wildlife. Visitors can observe seals, sea lions, and otters in a naturalistic setting, learning about their behaviours and the challenges they face in the wild.

The sanctuary plays a critical role in rescuing and rehabilitating injured or orphaned grey seals, with many being released back into the wild. This effort is vital for the conservation of marine species and provides a second chance for these remarkable animals.

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The Screech Owl Sanctuary, St Columb

An owl at a sanctuary in Cornwall

Located in St. Columb, the Screech Owl Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to get up close with owls and other birds of prey. This sanctuary focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of injured or abandoned owls, providing a safe haven where they can recover and thrive.

Visitors can enjoy flying displays, educational talks, and the chance to handle some of the birds. The sanctuary’s dedication to education and conservation helps raise awareness about the plight of these majestic creatures and the importance of preserving their habitats.

Paradise Park and JungleBarn, Hayle

An otter in Hayle, Cornwall

In Hayle, Paradise Park is a delightful destination for bird enthusiasts. Home to over 1,200 birds, including rare and exotic species like the Scarlet Macaw and the Red-billed Toucan, this park offers vibrant displays of avian beauty.

Paradise Park is also involved in numerous breeding programs for endangered species, contributing to global conservation efforts. The JungleBarn indoor play centre adds a family-friendly element, making it a perfect day out for visitors of all ages.

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The Cornish Bird of Prey Centre, St Columb

Brown hawk sitting on falconer's hand

Situated in St Columb, the Cornish Bird of Prey Centre is dedicated to the care and conservation of birds of prey. The centre provides sanctuary to a wide range of raptors, including hawks, eagles, and falcons, many of which have been rescued from injury or neglect.

Through engaging demonstrations and informative sessions, the centre educates visitors about these powerful birds and the conservation challenges they face. The hands-on experiences and personal stories of the birds make for a truly inspiring visit.

Cornwall’s wildlife attractions are not just about entertainment; they are pivotal in the fight to protect and conserve our natural world. These zoos, reserves, and sanctuaries play a critical role in breeding programs, rescue operations, and habitat preservation. They also serve as educational hubs, raising public awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

By visiting these attractions, you not only have the chance to witness the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom but also support the invaluable work being done to ensure these species can be enjoyed by future generations. So, whether you’re a local or a tourist, make sure to add Cornwall’s wildlife attractions to your itinerary for an unforgettable and impactful adventure.

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