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Stay connected with our park-wide WiFi

Whether you’re an avid streamer of on-line content or just want to catch the latest football scores, you can stay connected at Tencreek!

Unlike some parks, you can browse the web on any device anywhere on park – even in your caravan, tent or motorhome. We also offer free WiFi for those in our Castaways bar and restaurant.

Castaways WiFi

Castaways Wi-Fi is free all the time you are in the club – you can sit, surf and send emails until you have no battery! In return we simply ask you to check-in at our Facebook page.

Tencreek WiFi

Our Wi-Fi now uses data connections to give you “paid for” coverage right across the park.

How to log on…
Most devices are set up to access Wi-Fi straight away. To connect simply: 1.Select the ‘Tencreek-WiFi’ network when asked (or in settings – Wi-Fi) 2.Launch your browser – you should be directed to our splash access page for log on.

Our prices

Up to 2 devices:2 hours£3.75
24 hours£6
48 hours£10
4 days£12
1 week£17
1 Month£30
6 months£55
12 months£75
Up to 5 devices:24 hours£12
48 hours£18
4 days£24
1 week£30
1 Month£45
6 months£90
12 months£119



  • Mobile Data must be SWITCHED OFF
  • FOR APPLE DEVICES: Make sure on the Tencreek_Wifi selection that AUTO JOIN & AUTO LOGIN is SWITCHED ON
  • FOR ANDRIOD DEVICES: On WIFI settings under ADVANCED that Turn on Connect to WIFI automatically is SWITCHED ON. Make sure on the Tencreek_Wifi selection that AUTO RECONNECT is SWITCHED ON.


  • DO NOT use PayPal account. Click Pay With PayPal, then use the guest checkout/pay with debit or credit card option.
  • On some devices there will be a little BLUE button at the bottom of the page, make sure this is SWITCHED OFF (it will turn grey).
  • On other devices it will have the option to create account or no I do not want to. Make sure I do not want to is selected.
  • IF Paypal goes white after clicking PAY NOW, or shows up with an unavailable screen, or webpage not found then unfortunately this is out of our control, it is an issue with PayPal, likely a server is down, or they are having crash reports


On some devices the page cuts out before they can fill anything out, very common on apple devices. Here is the full breakdown

  1. Mobile Date OFF
  2. Select Tencreek_Wifi
  3. WAIT
  4. A page will flash up eventually when it does, select the top right hand corner, usually looks like three dots either vertical or horizontal. Select USE WITHOUT WIFI/USE WITHOUT NETWORK/USE WITHOUT INTERNET
  5. Open up a browser, usually Safari, Samsung Internet, Chrome, etc
  6. Type in
  7. WAIT, it takes a while
  8. Once loaded, please login or register an account


In each of our caravans there are AP devices set up, these are white square boxes that have a LED light indicator in the top centre of the square. The light should be BLUE if not, follow the below:

  1. Unplug the AP from it’s socket in the wall. The AP device does lift off if you are struggling to get to the cable.
  2. Leave unplugged for about 25 minutes
  3. Re-plug it back into it’s original set up.
  4. Continuous issues, speak to a member of our Reception team.
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